Kaeser hammers

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A durable tool. The recognized quality of KAESER equipment. Consumes a minimum amount of air. The equipment is ready for high loads.


Top-level performance. We offer you a complete set, ready-made and easy to use: compressor + hoses + adapters + hammers + picks + lubricant.


The employees of our company will select, deliver the units to your site, and configure them according to the specified parameters. You will find all the necessary tools for productive work with us.

KAESER H93 hammer

Ideal for vertical work


  • The number of strokes per minute: 1690
  • Weight: 9.3 kg
  • Impact energy: 34 J

When you have a lot to do, it is important to use your energy in the right way. You choose the right and reliable tool for the most efficiency.

KAESER pneumatic hammers are manufactured in a plastic vibration and noise-absorbing housing with fixed handles for effective vibration damping. A heavy-duty, reliable, nimble tool for solving problems of dismantling concrete structures, brickwork, asphalt pavement while providing road repair and construction. We offer the most popular models and brands in their class, a class of high-performance tools to maximize your savings and resources. Good and reliable equipment allows you to get more work done in less time and money. In a set for hammers, we will provide picks of imported production. When renting from us, there is no need to provide consumables, we will provide a stock of consumable lubricants and accessories.

The models presented for rent are familiar to the staff, are easy to use, reliable and quiet, which, accordingly, saves staff energy. You do more, faster, quieter, cheaper.


  • Compared to conventional hammers, this model has a significantly lower vibration level
  • Proprietary German quality and well-thought-out design allows the hammers to work for a long time without failure
  • The built-in oiler holds the lubricant for the entire work shift for a pair of hammers, allowing you to work at subzero temperatures without freezing of condensate

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ALWAYS IN STOCK Our compressor rental stock will meet your needs even if you order several units of the same model.


Our equipment is in the caring hands of professionals whose task is to ensure uninterrupted operation without complaints from customers.


Do you urgently need a compressor or pneumatic equipment? We will deliver it to you directly to the object as soon as possible with our own transport.