Construction hoists GEDA Z/ZP


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The construction hoist GEDA Z/ZP unites two different machines in one: a hoist for materials with a load bearing capacity of 2,000 kg and a transport platform for material and people.

Without using a crane, you can put together the 1.5 m mast segments and secure them with captive screws and locking nuts. In order to prevent people from falling down a burn protective safety gates with mechanically locked sliding doors are installed to all loading and unloading points. The load bearing capacity depends on the version of the platform used. You can also equip your transport platform with a roof.

The functional capab of the Z / ZP elevators ensure the equipment operation in the passenger and freight mode by means of a special key-locked switch.

The speed of the platform in the passenger and freight mode is lower (12 m/min) than in the freight (24 m/min) one.

The transport platform in the passenger and freight mode has a load-holding capacity of 7 people crew and 0.8 tons of building materials. This makes it convenient and profitable to carry out finishing and assembly work at a high pace.

Elevators are successfully used in the construction of high-rise buildings of residential and industrial purposes, allowing to speed up the process of restoration and finishing works.

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  • Installation and dismantling of construction elevators

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