Construction lifts

Construction hoists - lifting equipment designed for vertical movement of both goods and people in the field of industrial and housing construction. It is used for repair, installation and finishing work. Construction mast lifts allow the supply of goods along the facade of the building during outdoor work, can also be used indoors.

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Mast climbing platforms GEDA MCP
Electrical construction scaffolds GEDA are the mast climbing platforms GEDA MCP 750 (single mast platform) and MCP 1500 (twin mast platform) that is a convincing choice in many ways. Contrary to ordin...
Suspended working platforms GEDA AB
Suspended working platform is a profitable alternative way to the scaffolding. To perform work at height on the facades of the buildings it is often required the use of suspended work platforms. With...
Inclined load hoists GEDA
Inclined load hoists are simple, quick and reliable transport units for interior works, construction, roofing, facade, restoration as well as for relocation. The load hoist can be installed in any spo...
GEDA electric hoists
GEDA electric hoists have two lifting modes and are equipped with additional devices and accessories: Overload protection does not allow the whole mechanism to work for a long time with excessive load...
Freight-passenger hoists GEDA MULTILIFT are designed as a modular assembly providing the various combination possibilities and range of options that can be customized to any customer and service prope...
Construction hoists GEDA Z/ZP
The construction hoist GEDA Z/ZP unites two different machines in one: a hoist for materials with a load bearing capacity of 2,000 kg and a transport platform for material and people. Without using a...
GEDA rubbish chute
With its rubbish chutes of Standard and Comfort series, GEDA offers the universally applicable rubbish chute system without any limits, designed for quick removal of garbage from the construction site...

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Our service for renting or selling construction hoists

Standard service package

  • Project calculation
  • Installation diagram and specification
  • Operating Instructions
  • Consultation and training in the operation and installation of equipment
  • Providing technical support at the construction site

Extended service package

  • Everything included in the standard package
  • Delivery and forwarding
  • Transfer and acceptance of equipment at the facility
  • Installation supervision
  • Installation and dismantling of construction elevators

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