ID 15 supporting system

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The ID 15 support system is able to withstand loads of up to 200 kN per tower. It is used in the construction of bridges and tunnels, as well as for floors with high heights.


The support system ID 15 is a supporting tower support with dimensions of 1x1 m in horizontal projection. Only six different components allow you to build a tower of any desired height


The design of individual elements provides for the installation of towers in a horizontal position. Thanks to this, towers of high heights can be quickly assembled.

ID 15 Frame-type system of supporting towers is a bearing tower-type abutment which dimensions are 1.0m × 1.0m in the horizontal projection. ID 15 supporting system is capable to bear loads of up to 200 kN per one tower. It is used in construction of bridges and tunnels, and for large slabbing heights.

Only six different components are needed to erect the tower of a required height, making assembly simple and quick. Low weight of these components allows to run the initial assembly phases without a crane. Depending on the tower height, the tower support is assembled of frames 100 and 133, and additional elements.

Towers of any required height can be erected due to 33 cm gap which can be adjusted through the head/leg of screw pitch. The weight is 44 kg/running meter, including screw heads and legs. Gimbal-mounted supporting plates of screw heads and legs provide tower inclination of up to 6%. The range of screw adjustment is 59.8cm, the standardized testing is run with regards to decreased screw elongation (49.7 cm). Due to installation of standard-type frames with their 90° rotation when turning to the following tier, balanced rigidity of the tower support is provided for all vertical levels. 

Integrated wedges-shaped slides provide firm connection of frames at joints. Props are made of 48.3mm pipes which allow using any available frame fasteners for joints. Tower height is not limited if rigid wall ties are formed with specified intervals between them. Relevant interval distances are determined according to abutment height based upon calculation diagram.   

System features:

Basement dimensions 100х100 cm
Frame height 100 | 133 cm
Working height From 1.42 m to 20.1 m (if it exceeds 12.76 m, static calculation is required)
Average weight 42 kg per 1 m of height
Max load 200 kN per a tower (50кN per a leg)
Connection Quick release mechanism
Anti-corrosive coating Full-size hot galvanizing
Compatibility Н20 wooden beams | R24 wooden beams | steel profiles
Assembly time 0.34 h per 1 m of height

The system is easy to install. Only six elements are required to install the tower of any height. The assembly is quick, there are no small details, and there is no need for a crane during initial phases of construction works.

The installation is quick due to single-weight assembly and the use of quick release joint. The heaviest element weights 19.1kg (133 frame). 

The system has large bearing capacity of up to 200 kN per tower, the base of the tower if 1mx1m .

The system has increased life due to complete hot galvanizing;

The system offers is safer working area due to the use of platforms, decks and H20 consoles.

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