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Formwork structure is comprised of 140mm profile metal panels and 18mm laminated plywood boards which allow to obtain a top quality concrete surface.  There are two finishing options for AlPI MIDI PLUS panels: hot dip galvanization and top quality paint finishing. Rigid steel panel case of the formwork structure has specially designed profile. This allows attaching components anywhere on the panel making the integration highly efficient, rigid and reliable construction.

AlPI MIDI PLUS formwork panels have the following height dimensions: 300 cm, 270 cm, 150 cm, 120 cm. All the panels have two height-oriented holes at each seam, to join them together by anchor rods. Different panel width allow easy installation of AlPI MIDI PLUSformwork on walls of any configuration. By combining universal panels, one can erect large-size columns and pylons which cross-section is more than 90 cm. 

Technical characteristics of ALPI wall formwork:

Panel Width 30 | 40 | 45 | 50 | 55 | 60 | 70 | 75 | 80 | 90 | 100 | 120 | 150 | 240 cm 
Panel Height 120 | 150 | 270 | 300 см 
Universal Panels 60 х 120 | 90 x 120 | 60 x 150 | 90 x 150 | 60 x 300 | 90 x 300 cm
Profile Thickness 14 cm
Molding surface Laminated plywood 18 mm (min. Density 280 g/m2)
Average weight 55 - 75 kg/m2 (including fixtures)
Max concrete pressure 80 kN/m2
Corrosion protection Fully galvanized profile and fasteners
Standard mount Leveling clamp
Special Mount Adjustable Lock
Inside corner 30/30 cm 
Joint angles angles from 60° to 175°
Outside corner 14/14 cm 
Mounting/Dismantling t = 0.4 – 0.6 h/m2

Inner angles, joint angles and special well angles are manufactured from galvanized steel which allow to make geometrically perfect walls, elevator wells and wall abutments to existing structures. Special elevator well angle helps to relocate the formwork without equipment removal, thereby giving sufficient saving of operation time. 

AlPI MIDI PLUS lock is designed in such a way that, when joining panels, they are automatically aligned. The design of the panels and the lock make it possible to locate fastening elements at any place thus requiring no additional aligning elements.  

Formwork installation stabilizers provide quick, easy and reliable fixing of panels in their working position. Stabilizers can be fixed at their bottom point; they are of different length, turning head and the heel. Standard-type consoles allow to make a convenient in use, reliable and safe platform for framework assembly/disassembling and for placing and ramming of concrete mixture.

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Profile: 14 cm 14 cm
Protection: Galvanization + painting Galvanization
Height: 1,2 m 1,5 m 2,7 m 3 m 0,6 m 1,2 m 2,7 m 3,3 m
Leveling locks: Yes Yes
Universal nut: Yes No

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