Mobile diesel compressor Kaeser M50


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The installation is controlled by an automatic control unit, and in the event of a malfunction, (overheating of the engine or compressor), the equipment will shutdown. Our compressors are equipped with proven components for a long time: the proprietary SIGMA PROFIL compressor unit and the ultra-reliable, economical, and quiet KUBOTA engine.


A wide range of equipment applications: dismantling of asphalt and other hard surfaces; dismantling of concrete structures, partitions during the reconstruction of a building or structure; sandblasting operations; pumping gas pipelines during ongoing repair work; air purging of water wells, sewerage, ventilation; ensuring the work of pneumatic equipment and tools


We offer a rental service for compressors and pneumatic equipment from recognized leaders in their categories. The presented models are the most versatile and in demand; as a rule, they are well known to the personnel, which, accordingly, increases labor productivity and saves the customer’s resources.


  • Working pressure, bar: 7
  • Productivity, m3/min: 5.0
  • Nominal engine power, kW: 32.5
  • Motor: Kubota
  • Weight, kg: 735
  • Cover material: metal


  • Hoses 40 or 30 m with crab clutch (Eurocrab)


Powerful, reliable, and economical portable diesel compressor. It is one of the most frequently used trailed compressors in its category on the territory of Ukraine. The popularity and prevalence of this model is due to the ease of use and unpretentiousness in work, which is carried out intuitively using the ignition key and easily understandable pictures. The pressure gauge as well as the temperature sensor of the screw part of the compressor indicate the operating status. The operating parameters panel is located next to the air outlet taps, which simplifies the work of the personnel.


Operating temperature of the unit: -15…+ 45°C.

Fuel consumption at full load: up to 9.0 liters per hour (manufacturer’s data, real consumption is lower)

Three outlet valves retrofitted with check valves

It is easy to operate when loading – unloading or lifting to the floor: the hook of the lifting mechanism clings to the shackle of the lifting post without additional slinging.

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