Mobile diesel compressor Kaeser M100


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The installation is controlled by an automatic control unit, and in the event of a malfunction, (overheating of the engine or compressor), the equipment will shutdown. Our compressors are equipped with proven components for a long time: the proprietary SIGMA PROFIL compressor unit and the ultra-reliable, economical, and quiet KUBOTA engine.


Our compressor is as energy efficient as possible thanks to the advanced technologies and design solutions used in the design of the compressor. The high-performance combination of a SIGMA PROFIL compressor and a KUBOTA engine significantly saves our customer’s costs.


We offer a rental service for compressors and pneumatic equipment from recognized leaders in their categories. The presented models are the most versatile and in demand; as a rule, they are well known to the personnel, which, accordingly, increases labor productivity and saves the customer’s resources.


  • Working pressure, bar: 7–8.6
  • Productivity, m3/min: 6.4–10.2
  • Nominal engine power, kW: 71.7
  • Motor: Kubota
  • Weight, kg: 1495
  • Cover material: metal


  • Hoses 40 or 30 m with crab clutch (Eurocrab)


The mobile diesel compressor KAESER M100 is a model for the needs of professionals. When there is a need for large volumes of compressed air to power pneumatic tools of industrial and super-professional use, mechanisms for construction, road, exploration, drilling, for the mechanization of heavy and labor-intensive processes, you cannot do it without equipment of this level. It is an ideal compressed air source for a wide variety of construction and road works.

The KAESER M 100 compressor is characterized by a very convenient and simple control panel: personnel can easily control the operation of the compressor. Disconnection of equipment in the event of a malfunction occurs in automatic mode. The compressor has a button for switching “idle” – “load” and an ignition knob with a preheat function, which allows the compressor to start in a gentle mode in the cold season.

The Kaeser M 100 compressor is equipped with a large plastic fuel tank for a full shift without refueling. If there is not enough fuel in the fuel tank, the machine will automatically shut down and suspend for additional safety.


Operating temperature of the unit: -20…+ 50°C.

Compressed air temperature at the outlet of the compressor block

(at ambient temperature of 10°C): 90°C

Compressed air temperature at the outlet of the compressor block

(at ambient temperature of 25°C): 60°C

Fuel tank capacity: 150 l

Fuel consumption at full load: up to 16 liters per hour (manufacturer’s data, real consumption is lower)

Four outlet valves retrofitted with check valves


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