For rent

Want to know the cost of rent?

Construction requires considerable financial costs, time and other resources. The use of quality scaffolding and formwork streamlines the work. We offer options for renting, leasing and buying the formwork, scaffolding systems and equipment, both new and used, offering you flexibility to find the right solution that works for you.

Purchasing of equipment is a good option - if you own it, it will always be available, you are in full control, and you can deduct liabilities such as depreciation, insurance, repairs, taxes, and interest from your taxes. At the same time, many organizations find that being responsible for transporting, maintaining, repairing, and storing the equipment, as well as disposing of it at the end of its working life, is not financially viable. Hence, many opt for renting as a more cost efficient alternative:

The rental and sale service package includes:

Standard service package

  • Project calculation
  • Installation diagram and specification
  • Operating Instructions
  • Consultation and training in the operation and installation of equipment
  • Providing technical support at the construction site

Extended service package

  • Everything included in the standard package
  • Delivery and forwarding
  • Transfer and acceptance of equipment at the facility
  • Installation supervision
  • Installation and dismantling of scaffolding