SPRINT 75 facade scaffolding


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SPRINT  75 scaffolding system was designed in 1991 to meet specific clients’ requirements and due to a lack of similar systems. Today, SPRINT  75 a world leader in Europe, America and Asia. Numerous advantages of SPRINT 75 include:

  • fast and easy assembly;
  • safety in use;
  • increased durability.

SPRINT  75 scaffolding is widely used for access to top building points – completed and under construction requiring maintenance works. Due to rigidity of the system, scaffolds of up to 80m in height can be erected without additional statistic calculations.

Why is the SPRINT 75 scaffolding the best choice?

Complex architectural solutions used in SPRINT  75 allow erecting scaffolding around objects of unusual shapes. Their compatibility with other systems further increases the degree of their possible adaptation for projects with higher requirements. All the components are assembled quickly and efficiently without any need to use bolted joints and fasteners.

Solutions used in SPRINT  75 allow assembling 300-400 sq. meter of the building structure a day which sufficiently increases labor force efficiency.

SPRINT  75 meets all major international (EN, DIN, BS) and national-level standards.

Hot galvanizing of steel elements provides long-time working capacity of the structure at minimal amount of maintenance works.

Due to revolutionary arrangement of systems of platform location and its attachment, these systems can be removed and installed when scaffolding is already erected.

Handrails are located in line with vertical parts of scaffold frames which provide maximal working space area, free from any set-offs. Full platform width is 0.75m which is optimal to meet construction work challenges. Platforms are tightly aligned with scaffolding bearers which reduces the risk of stumbling.

Even in case of use of single handrails, their firmness is sufficient due to slide wedge, that’s why accessory mounting is not necessary. Built-in handles make erection easier and eliminate the risk of hand trapping between the components.

Wedge fastener used in SPRINT  75 is extra robust which makes the structure durable, safe and efficient it terms of its assembly.

Double handrails provide structural firmness prior to installation of diagonal elements, therefore providing safety and rigidity of the platform during the erection of scaffolding, which is an important factor of working efficiency of assembly team.

Protective borders, tightly aligning to edges of the platform, provide safety for workers and pedestrians. When borders are installed, the platform can in no way be lifted up.

Staircase-type platforms are provided with hatches, folding ladder and anti-slip covering.  That is the way to provide safe access to other levels and safe operations.

Installation of diagonal elements is safe and easy due to fasteners; their working principle is based upon the impact of detail’s own weight. 

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