Slab formwork TOPFLEX


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TOPFLEX floor formwork is a universal system that allows you to overlap floors using a variety of construction tasks.


Ability to work even with a room width of less than 2.65 m, a ceiling thickness of more than 30 cm and a room height not exceeding 5,9 m


The size grid is adjustable depending on the load and statistics, which can reduce the number of posts and beams

TOPFLEX is a flexible and universal system comprising of wooden beams and props, suitable for any location plan. The system universality makes it possible to pour slabs of any geometry with the height from 2.0 m to 5.9 m and the thickness of up to 1.0 m. ой от 2 м до 5,9 м, толщиной до 1 м.

Technical characteristics of TOPFLEX slab formwork:

Beam type H20 wooden beam
Modular sizes 145 | 180 | 190 | 245 | 265 | 290 | 330 | 360 | 390 cm
Beam width cm
Beam height 20 cm
Plywood board size 500x2500x21mm, 1250x2500x21mm
Beam weight 5.0 kg rm (running meter)
Standard props EUROPLUS (1.47-2.5, 1.72-3.0, 1.98-3.5, 3-5.5) 20kN
End face equipping L500 holder | beam arrester

Optimal prop arrangement with regards to the specified load. Compatible with side guard systems..

A prop for EUROPLUS new slab system

EUROPLUS new is a tubular steel prop with 20 kN safeloading at its maximal outreach, equipped with fast drawdown mechanism. Easy to remove due to fast drawdown mechanism. One hammer blow is enough to drawdown the prop by 3 mm.


Prop type EUROPLUS NEW 20 – 250 | 300 | 350 | 550 cm
Load Up to 20 kN per a post
Operation heights 1.47 m (20-250)
Maximum height 5.50 m (20-550)
Weight from 10.7 до 36 kg
  • Fast drawdown mechanism
  • Increased life term due to full-size zinc plating of internal and external pipe surfaces. 
  • Quick installation due to numbering of holes on props for attaching elements.

SCAFOM pole for slab system manufactured in the Netherlands.

Lightweight zinc-plated pole for slab system with the maximum safe load of 13 kN and the operating height from 2.0 m to 3.5 m. Economically efficient for slabs of low height and shallow thickness.

Технические характеристики:

Country of Origin Netherlands
Load Up to 13 kN per rack
Minimum height 2 m
Maximum height 3.5 m

Formwork stand 360

Standard telescopic painted rack with a flat plate Italian production.


Country of Origin Italy
Load from 9.54 kN to 5.7 kN
Minimum height 2 m
Maximum height 3.6 m
Weight 9.55 kg
Selling price Special offer! 15 Euro/pcs

Formwork stand 350

Reinforced telescopic painted stand Italian production.


Country of Origin Italy
Load from 23.81 kN to 8.57 kN
Minimum height 2.11 m
Maximum height 3.5 m
Weight 15.44 kg
Selling price Special offer! 27.5 Euro/pcs

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