Round column CONDOR

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High-quality metal construction ensures the highest demands of concrete work.


Design features provide casting pressure up to 150 kN / m2.


Allows to construct round columns of different diameter and different height.

System Features:
- The system consists of two separate half-columns,
- Simple and quick installation with pins and nuts.
The FFC column system consists of 2 semi-circular modules made of reinforced and hardened steel sheet.

Available modules: diameters from 25 to 120 cm and heights of 50, 100 and 300 cm, which are easily overlapping.
The formwork is designed specifically for frequent use, due to its strength obtained by external reinforcement, providing a casting pressure of 150 kN / m2.

Hermetic closure of the joints ensures a fine finish of concrete.


Diameter 90 | 85 | 80 | 75 | 70 | 65 | 60 | 55 | 50 | 45 | 40 | 35 | 30 | 25 cm
Height 50 | 100 | 300 cm
Pressure casting 150 kN/m2


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