Waterproofing concrete SA CAM 110


Want to know the cost?


Ensuring waterproofing and chemical resistance at 100% throughout the life of the facility after a single treatment.


Increasing the life cycle of the construction object by at least 30-40%.


Reduces abrasion losses by more than 50% and reduces shrinkage to 94%.

Liquid SA CAM 110 is a spray applied concrete surface treatment specially formulated to penetrate the capillaries and pores of reinforced concrete structures to improve the condition of concrete and normalize the pH to protect the steel reinforcement in reinforced concrete.

SA CAM 110 is a single-use agent that extends the life of the concrete and provides it with permanent protection, extending the time until the next repair, saving time and money.

The substance forms a gel structure in the concrete capillaries and pores, which makes the concrete waterproof. Depending on the design of the concrete mix, SA CAM 110 can clean and / or encapsulate pollutants in the capillary and pore structure of concrete, effectively neutralizing their negative impact, which causes cracking of reinforced concrete.

As a result, this processing method:

  • prevents damage to concrete from repeated freeze-thaw cycles;
  • softens and prevents corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete, preventing the ingress of oxygen and water;
  • penetrates deep into concrete and protects it from the inside, filling the capillaries along the entire length, creating a permanent composite mass inside that is resistant to negative influences;
  • protects concrete from ALL forms of negative impact (moisture, acid, salt, corrosion, chloride ingress and exposure to hydrogen sulfide);
  • reduces chloride content up to 45%;
  • reduces abrasion losses by more than 50%;
  • reduces shrinkage up to 94%;
  • provides quick hardening of concrete - you can walk on freshly laid concrete in just 24 hours (not weeks);
  • increases the frost resistance of concrete.
Volatile organic compounds 0 gram/liter
Specific gravity (kg/liter) 1,30
Shelf life 60 month
pH 10,5
Flammability Absent
Toxicity Absent
Removal solvent Water
Colour Translucent